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Dallas Fuel

Fuel’s Taimou on cussing arena fan: "We could hear it during the game and it messed up our comms."

By Josh Lee
Jan 18, 2018
Dallas Fuel DPS, Taimou, chats about teammate Mickie's funk, a rude Arena fan, playing 2CP, and Mercy's PTR changes.

How would you describe Mickie to someone who's never heard of him?
He's exactly the same in-game as out outside of the games. He's really funky. he tries to keep up the team mentality.

He tries his best. He's like the very... he's very driven. He gets angry sometimes, but he's really smart about it. He knows how to stop being angry and he knows how to settle.

If people have problems with each other he knows how to calm people down.

he's like the spirit or the heart of the team.

Thoughts on your play experience at the Arena?
I think the play experience is fine. I think the computers are good enough. It's nice to have 240 Hz on the stage.
Fan engagement. I think it's really annoying when there's people like, there's like you can hear people like shouting through your headphones sometimes. It's really annoying sometimes.

Do you notice that a lot during series?
Especially against the Seoul Dynasty series. There was this guy right in front of us cussing us out all the time so we could hear it during the game and it messed up our comms. It was really annoying.

What was he saying?
He was literally telling xQc to go stream and telling me to fuck off and stuff like that. It was pretty annoying.

If the Mercy PTR changes go through, how do you see the OWL Pro meta shifting?

I really hope Mercy just disappears completely from the meta because it's not only because like we're that bad with Mercy. I think we have a really good Mercy player, custa. And Chips is not bad either. But, I think it would favor us not to have to play Mercy.

On top of that, I think the main reason why I want to get rid of Mercy. I don't think Resurrection has a place in the game. Imagine playing Widow, attacking any point and you just get a sick pick from downtown and you kind of already won that point. But then Mercy just Resurrects and your Widow pick that was a surprise kinda just disappears. Unless you get another headshot on somebody, or you actually kill the Mercy, like it's very RNG in that way. You can do pocket strats, but you can do anything really risky because it can get negated by a single ability, right? So I feel like Resurrection should just get away from the game.

I think Mercy should be a garbage-tier hero. Because Mercy is also really easy to play in a sense. So, I don't think a hero that has such a low skill floor. Oh no. Such a low skill ceiling should have a place in the... I think heroes like Genji, Widow, McCree... all the hitscan heroes and Genji like Junkrat to some extent. I think Junkrat should get nerfed. I think he's getting nerfed too. Most heroes that have a... it's not that hard to be effective but it's really hard to actually carry with these heroes and if you're really talented and skilled you can do a lot with them so I think those heroes should get like the benefit of it and I think Mercy should just disappear again.

Why does 2CP seem to be such a controversial gametype?
It's controversial because all the players, like not many players actually like it because they're really they're really stall-y. How would you say? They're really snowbally. You can't really do much if you get rolled. Like if you get held once when you're attacking like you have a real hard time actually breaking it. So, I feel like sure, strategy plays a lot of parts in it but if you get held dow n with your multiple strategies, there's just no way of coming back. Sure it happens in other maps too like like Junkertown you saw today. There was a lot of Overtime pushes and had a hard time executing stuff properly. But for the viewers, it's really fun to watch 2CP if the games go long because the game is like... there's a lot of a lot to watch and it's really nail-biting sometimes. But, for the players it's pretty miserable sometimes.

With the ruleset, it's not uncommon to see Game 4 with a series already decided (3-0). How does that change the dynamic of the match?
I mean you still play for the full, like you play for map points so you still kind of want to win the fourth map even though you lose the series. But I think it's pretty crushing especially, like ESPECIALLY if you get switched in like I did because Valiant... so like I got switched on the fourth map and everybody's kind of down already, so there's nothing you can pretty much do unless you just pop off, you know?

Dallas Fuel
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