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"We want to show off as the LA team here - the ONLY LA team." -Bischu and Asher of LA Gladiators

By Sharon Coone
Jan 22, 2018
LA Gladiators players, Asher and Bischu, chat about Korean translations, cultural differences, and their message to their LA rivals.

How are you [Bischu] helping Asher communicate with the team?

Bischu: Well it was definitely one of our bigger worries because even if you have a translator on the team you kinda.. the translator kinda has to get off, right? So because I'm here I guess I can translate whatever is necessary like outside the game too.

But you know sometimes I've been getting a little cranky because I'm just trying to go to bed and they just keep asking me these questions. But aside from that you know I've been like I'm mainly just there for him.

Literally everything not just him and it's just like Remiix whenever he wants to talk to Asher he's like Bischu translate! Bischu translate! Bischu! Bischu! For like the littlest, smallest things. So I get a little bit annoyed but you know it's like literally everything and anything.

Every picture I see of you, you're touching Surefour. What's your guys' friendship like?

(Bischu translating for Asher)

Koreans usually, they have... the barrier between just like touching others is pretty nonexistent. So they just kind of hang around, touch each other and he just wants to be friendly with Surefour.

Asher vs Surefour: who's the better McCree?

Asher: Me. I'm the better McCree.

Who's on the LA Gladiators kill list?

Bischu: We want to we want to show off as the LA team here. The only LA team. And you know for Valiant, we'll see how they do.

LA Gladiators
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