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NYXL Dir. Player Personnel : "I legitimately think MekO's the best offtank player in the world."

By Josh Lee
Jan 30, 2018
NYXL's Scott "BEARHANDS" Tester (Dir. Player Personnel) and Farzam Kamel (Partner, VC Sterling) on MekO's off-tank skills, the NY vs. Boston rivalry, and Pine's love for nachos.

How will you teach your players the NY vs Boston rivalry?

I think they appreciate it. I think particularly because it's New York. I mean, go back to the sports tradition history here. I think most people sort of recognize what sort of history of competition has existed in New York and how New York views sports. Just coming onto the world stage, whether it's watching a basketball game at MSG. It's like no other. It's the only city in America that has two professional franchises in every sport. There's just like something here; it's hard not to recognize.

I think if our roster maybe doesn't yet understand the intricacies of the New York/Boston baseball rivalry that he's talking about. One: I think they will come to understand that through living in New York pretty quickly. Two: I think they do understand that New York is a world-class city and it's meaningful to represent that city.

In fact the one thing that they say that they get nervous about is representing New York because of... not so much the expectation. but the amount of focus and eyeballs that you get on yourself.

But also, I think that drives them when we talk to them about it.

Tell us about one of your players.

All right I'm going to pick MekO.

I legitimately think he's the best offtank player in the world and I think there are a lot of players that are looking for tips on how to play that role better. I think watching him play really helps with that because it shows that his strategy tends to not be to go out and get kills on the other team or to pick off the enemy teams Pharah with his D.Va or something. But you see him peel the support players and tank players on our team in a way that other offtank players don't. And you see his map awareness and his ability to come out of nowhere and Defense Matrix a Tracer Pulse Bomb that you didn't even see coming. He makes those play so consistently that it's just amazing to me. So I think players that are really trying to figure out how to play that role can learn an awful lot from him.

Is there a particular player on the roster who has really embraced this new setting and culture. Are there a few who you think may have a little bit more difficulty?

It's about their personalities, right? Certain players are into American fashion labels and certain players are into Mexican food, right? I think different players have latched on to the cultural differences in sort of different ways. And it's really fun to see how those are and how they change from player to player. And just getting to know our roster better is really what it's about.

And the players knowing each other allows them to do these things in groups in a way they might feel a little bit more hesitant to do on their own if they're venturing without anyone they're comfortable with.

Yeah sure.

Like Pine and MekO were really into the Mexican food that we went to a few nights ago. I know Pine has tweeted about it a bunch of times that he loves nachos. I think also MekO and JJoNak have been really into the fashion that's available in L.A.

There's a few labels that they've specifically kind of latched onto and it's just cool to see that stuff sort of develop and bubble up.

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Josh Lee
Josh is the lead Overwatch Producer at Blitz Esports. He's also been spotted casting a few Overwatch and League of Legends tournaments.
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