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Seoul Ryujehong's favorite steak: "I've never had something that delicious in Korea."

By Josh Lee
Feb 05, 2018
Ryujehong, captain and support of Seoul Dynasty, on his favorite steak, being a leader to his teammates, and some Zenyatta advice.

Based on your Instagram/Twitter, you seem to be a huge fan of steak. Describe your perfect steak!

I had the most delicious steak of my life when I came to the US.

Our team owner, Phillip, took us out. So, when I first ate it...when I took my first bite, I was speechless. I don't know how to describe it. It just melted in my mouth. It was so delicious.

Have you had something like that in Korea?

I've never had something that delicious in Korea. Sure, I've had steak before, but none of them were that amazing.

Where'd you eat it?

Jehong: Beverly Hills? Is that right?

Translator: In Beverly Hills...the name...Wolfgang's!

How do NA fans compare to KR fans?

There are definitely differences. In the should I say this? NA fans are more active? The crowd's big, well the crowd size is similar, but the vibe is different with they way they cheer; the energy of NA fans is overwhelming.

What does it mean to be the "hyung" (eldest) of the team?

I haven't thought too deeply about my role as a "hyung". Even though I am the "hyung", I try to be more of a friend to the rest of the team. Even though I am the eldest, I try not to act too much as a typical "hyung" because I want to have fun with my younger teammates.

So, as the eldest, who do YOU go to for help?

I talk to our coaches, our manager, maybe KuKi or tobi - I think I talk to them a lot. But usually, whenever I have problems or need to vent, I turn to our general manager. (Baek Kwang-Jin) It's usually him that I turn to.

What are some mistakes that people make often with Zenyatta?

A mistake I see players make often with Zenyatta is...the thing with Zenyatta is he can both heal and do DPS.

But I think there are some players who are so focused on dealing damage, that they neglect healing their own teammates.

So, it's important to keep both healing AND damage in mind. That's a mistake I see a lot.

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