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Shanghai Dragons

"We truly know our problems and will work on them" -Shanghai Dragons DPS Diya

By Josh Lee
Feb 08, 2018
Shanghai Dragons DPS, Diya, joined after their match vs. Seoul Dynasty to talk team improvements, his LA favorites, and a message to fans.

The season started slow for the Dragons, but you gave Seoul the hardest fight they’ve had all season. How does it feel to send that message?

We were pretty nervous before on the stage, we had stage fright, but this time we felt better because our mentality was also better. I think we had a good game today but we still have some problems, and we know the problems, and we’re going to focus on the problems and improve on them.

Can you be a little more specific about what problems you will be focusing on in practice? Things you’ve maybe learned from this series?

We’ll focus on lots of communication problems, for example the communication between the two tanks and the frontline. We’ll also try to make the overall communication for the whole team better, because we also have problems in that way. [Translator asks another question.] The use of ultimates, we’re going to improve on that also.

In an interview a couple of weeks ago, you said that he would sit back and watch to see who the best Widows in the league were. Any observations since then?

As one of the top-ranking leagues in the world, Overwatch League has the best Widowmakers from all around the world, and I think pretty much all of them are so amazing.

Oh he has to give me one or two names, come on!

If I must say one, I say myself.

Is there anything new you’ve discovered since coming to LA that you really like? Be it food, location, music, etc.

When I first arrived, I thought the air was pretty good, and the sky is so blue, and the people here are super, super nice. They are very friendly to me, and I like the people here the most.

How do you want fans to view the Shanghai Dragons as a team?

I want the fans to see us in a way where we know we have problems, we know what our problems are, and we need more time. We need our fans to be more understanding that we will improve on our problems.

Besides the Dragons, why should people be fans of Diya himself?

I’m basically a very nice person, I’m humorous, I’m not nervous, and I can talk to anybody. I’m outgoing and very, very skilled, and a good player. So I think I’m worth and should have more fans.

Knowing you had already lost the set, you still won map 4 over Seoul. How did you feel going into that, and how did you achieve the map win?

Maybe it’s because it was the last map, so we didn’t feel as nervous, we thought we could play better. We thought we could just let it go and have a comfortable game. So that’s why I think we had a victory. We’re gonna keep that mentality in the future.

Any other topic you want to address or message you want to get out?

I’m very grateful that fans can still be so supportive when we are not performing that well. I know there are some negative comments on the internet, but I want to say that we truly know our problems, and will work on them. And we will be better in the future.

Shanghai Dragons
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