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SF Shock DPS Danteh on best OWL Tracer duelists and benefits of scrimming NYXL

By Josh Lee
Feb 14, 2018
SF Shock DPS, Danteh, chats about scrimming the benefits of scrimming NYXL, dueling other DPS players, and some of the best Tracers of the OWL.

How are NYXL as scrim partners?

We learn how to deal with certain comps and stuff, because they can run normal comps really well, and they can run random comps really well. And it's good that we have someone that is diverse in their comps, because if you are versus that in a match and you have no idea, if you don't know how to adjust your playstyle, that's really bad, if you just see something and don't know how to deal with it. But then having a scrim partner that knows how to do diverse things really helps, because it teaches you to think on the spot.

What teams are much different to scrim against compared to NYXL?

Boston, I would say. I would say it's different scrimming them because they do the same thing every single time. There's no surprises, and they just keep it pretty usual.

Is there anyone that's particularly tough for you in one-on-ones?

Some of the best Tracers 1v1s are probably Striker and Saebyeolbe. They both have really good movements, they have really good blinks and pretty good accuracy, so it's hard to fight them.

How do Striker and Saebyeolbe differ in their Tracer play?

I feel like Striker, he just has insane aim. He'll just one-clip you and you're just like wait, what? And then Saebyeolbe, he melees a ton. In 1v1s he'll shoot two bullets—or not two, because she's Tracer—but shoot part of his clip, go melee, shoot another part, melee, and then shoot the rest. It's kind of weird because he's always in your face, and it pressures you lot, but I don't know, it's like just different than most Tracers.

How do you personally deal with the playstyle?

It's hard to die to it if you pay attention to your health and where you're at, but if he catches you off guard it's really easy to die. Say he is shooting at you and he blinks-melees, and he has more bullets left, you can die really easily. Because you don't expect him to have bullets but he still does, and he's in your face, he just can kill you in like a quarter of a second.

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Josh Lee
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