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"You wanna throw the attention of the enemies" -Fragi on creating space as a Tank

By Josh Lee
Feb 21, 2018
Philadelphia Fusion Tank, Fragi, on how his MOBA roots influence his tank style, his S-Tier beard, and looking forward to Stage 2 of OWL.

What's the key to an S-tier beard?

The key to an S-tier beard... I'd say genetics are pretty good. Then you need to have some age, probably. You grow a better beard when you're older. And just let it grow and groom it.

How does your long history with DotA make you a better tank player?

I feel like making space is a big concept, in DoTA at least. So, you wanna like throw the attention of the enemies so your team has more space to do stuff. So I think that's the biggest reason, probably most of the time, I go like too aggressive maybe sometimes.

Yeah I feel like all the MOBA skills help in Overwatch a lot. Like with cooldown management and with all the teamfight stuff, ult tracking and so on. So it's quite similar to that.

Maybe I sometimes have like a better understanding on how certain skills should be used and how are you when I like push and stuff, and when you want to use skills and stuff like that.

What kind of rank changes will we see with Stage 2's new map pool?

Well I'm not quite sure. I think the new Mercy changes and Junker changes are going onto Stage 2 as well. So with the map pool changes with King's Row and Hollywood, it's going to be a lot more maybe tank-centric at times. So definitely some teams are going to do better, some teams will get worse.

I think we are going to do pretty good. We have a really good Reinhardt player, someone may have a really good Zarya player. I think those are the heroes that are going to show up a lot more on the games, so that's gonna be good for us.

What's your relationship with your old Gigantti teammates like?

Yeah we were like pretty close even though we were like with Linkzr and Davin, we were only teammates for a couple of months. But we got really close. I think we all talked about the game the same way. So at the end it was just pretty that we won Contenders and then we had to separate after we just got everyone on the same page. We were like all thinking about the game the same way. So it was unfortunate we had to split up.

Do you still talk to those guys?

Yeah, occasionally. Not so much. Right now, I just try to focus on Philadelphia Fusion and try to get close with the new guys and talk with them mostly. But, sometimes when we like meet in the courtyard on the facility or on the Internet even.

Enough about Gigantti. How's Philadelphia Fusion been growing as a team?

Yeah we've been making big progress with the team chemistry. In the beginning, we had a lot of problems.

I think some of the FaZe guys, some of the European guys, we thought about the game a lot differently. But after a lot a few weeks, a month of practice, now we're pretty much on the same page about how we want to play the game.

Anything else?

Thanks to all the fans for supporting us. Keep up the good work and I think we'll get better and better so cheers up, yeah.

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Josh Lee
Josh is the lead Overwatch Producer at Blitz Esports. He's also been spotted casting a few Overwatch and League of Legends tournaments.
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