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NYXL Ark on what Shock teaches them in scrims: "How to handle the Widowmaker, because BabyBay is so good."

By Josh Lee
Feb 23, 2018
NYXL support, ArK, on his OWL friendships, learning from SF Shock, and on staying positive in Ranked.

Q: Who in OWL do you still want to befriend?

Probably Mickie from Dallas Fuel, maybe? I just like his mental. I just like him personally. And also...well, I’m kind of friends with Unkoe right now, but I wanna be closer with him. Because I met him in-game and he was really fun. I heard that Shadowburn is really fun. I think I know all the Koreans, but they’re kinda not fun...that much. For me, haha. I think I’m just used to them.

Q: How are SF Shock as regular scrim partners?

If you’re handling with teams like Boston who like really play aggressive, Shock is kind of a different team from them. Like when you’re playing a team like Houston, or teams who plays more defensive, I think Shock helps up a lot. They have a really good Widowmaker like BabyBay. I think their playstyles are quite similar.

What are some things you learn from SF Shock specifically?

I think the best one would be how to handle the Widowmaker, because BabyBay is so good.

Q: You always stay super calm and positive in ranked. Why do you think players get mad so much?

I think there are some differences because. Some players think comp queue’s the most valuable place, but I think scrims or competition so more important. That’s probably why, I think. I just think it’s only practice. Well, I just, sometimes I get mad about it, but not a lot. Because I don’t think that’s a high level place, and I know that, so that’s probably why.

Any advice for ragers?

Maybe "just chill" is the best word for them.

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