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Outlaws Muma explains the ideal roster size, why everyone loves CoolMatt, & his chocolate milk love

By Sharon Coone
Mar 05, 2018
Outlaws tank Muma loves big rosters and chocolate almond milk.

Q: Why do you think Overwatch a better TF2?

Why is Overwatch a better TF2? I mean I think the big thing that obviously separates Overwatch from Team Fortress 2 is the fact that Blizzard cares so much. They're both very similar games, except TF2, when you when you play it, there's minimal actually thinking and strategy because it's just been the same for so long, so it's just, "Does this player have better aim than this player?" And if so, the player with better aim probably wins. In this game, there's obviously instances where you can just pop off if you are really good aim, but it's a lot more methodical and strategic, and it just takes a lot more thinking than actually TF2, and that's what I've always really value in FPS games, because it just blends all the elements. There's actually a pretty good amount of movements, which requires interesting mechanics, and then there's also the aim, and then also at the same time just thinking strategy, which is cool.

Q: Did you enjoy your time as a TF2 pro?

Yeah, "pro." Yeah, TF2, it's a great game. I think that if they had actually cared about it, it would have been a lot more than it is now. But I enjoy Overwatch more, so I guess it's kind of nice that TF2 never really got developer support, but I think I would've been happier regardless.

Q: What is your relationship with chocolate milk?

Chocolate milk? It's chocolate almond milk. I just don't like milk. I have never been a fan of milk, and I've found chocolate almond milk, and it's just better, you know?

You talk a lot about it for someone who isn't sponsored by it.

Yeah I know, it's crazy. It's like making people laugh, and I show them the glory that is chocolate almond milk.

Q: What is the ideal roster size?

I do value the 12-man rosters. I think the 12-man rosters are definitely the way to go about it, but I think that with that 12-man roster, it brings a lot of responsibility to actually be able to utilize the roster effectively. Because if you do what we did like the first couple of weeks, it's going to be a mess, as you very well saw. So if you imagine that, except it was just a big mess. It was a mess with 12 players instead of 10 players, which just would have made it a lot worse. But if you can actually understand how to use—you have to have different uses for all your players. If you have a different main tank, they need to have a different playstyle, it can't just be like a copy where we're just going to put this player in, because you have to have a reason behind every roster change and roster swap.

But you do think having the 12 is stronger than having 9?

Yeah. I think the bigger the roster, the better. There's just no reason not to do a 12-man roster, just because nothing but good things can come from it, and we endured so much sickness stage one that just being able to have more subs helps. There's more players on the bench watching the scrims, there's just more minds helping you learn the game and faster, and just more. And you have the in-house scrims as well, which I would imagine is going to be a great thing.

Q: How does playing in almost every game change your gameplay approach?

I think that I try to take a lot more of a leadership role than I would if I wasn't playing every game. Since I'm the only player—well, since I WAS the only player that would 100 percent play every game, I wanted my voice to be the most outspoken, and the leader really. Just because, if you have someone like Jake being the leader, and he subs out for a game. you might get lost. So since I'm able to play every game, I think that if I'm able to, like I said, just be a leader, it will help us remain consistent over all our games.

Do you enjoy being at the head of the composition?

Oh yeah, certainly. The more play time the better, honestly. If FCT comes in and he's performing better than me, I will happily step aside to of the bench and help him become better, but it's just because I want what's best for the team. Whatever gives us the biggest chance of winning, I'm all for it.

Q: What skills would counter dive meta?

I think a main tank with some form of CC, like a crowd control, would be an interesting change to the dive meta. There's obviously already CCs for main tanks, but there's Rein's charge is a CC, and his Earthshatter, but it leaves you so vulnerable, which I think is why he's so weak against dive and why dive is just so much better. So I think if there was something you can actually use to combat that, I think it might shake the meta up a little more than just, "Play dive on every map except like one or two."

Q: Why is CoolMatt the favorite teammate?

The favorite teammate. He's just—we both have very similar senses of humor. I mean, in game and out of game, he always keeps our morale high in game, and then out of game he's literally a comedian it's kind of great. And I also have just been growing really close to him out of game as well, just because our in game synergy is such on a high level that we try to talk and person a lot as well, and if you can build that synergy out of game, it's going to help elevate your synergy in game as well.

Q: Anything else you want to talk about?

I'm really proud of my team. I talk about it on Twitter all the time because I just love my team so much, and just so happy that flame put together such an amazing roster, and we just all have the same mentalities, and we all just have that same grind and focus, and I think it's going to be—it's going to create a long dynasty. I didn't want to use "dynasty" because of the team name, but I don't know another word to think of.

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