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Fissure: "It's our dynamic of driving each other to put in work that makes GLA stronger as a whole"

By Josh Lee
Mar 21, 2018
LA Gladiators main tank, Fissure, on how the team drives each other, his old Kongdoo/Spitfire friends, and talking to Taimou about Dallas Fuel's problems.

Q: You said you felt GLA got a bit complacent against Mayhem. Tell me how that affected your teamplay.

On 3rd and 4th maps, we were able to show good performances that we showed in the previous match vs. Spitfire. The reason we got beat on 1st/2nd was we got a bit complacent. Recently, we've beaten all the "strong" teams, like London, Valiant, and Houston. Going into this match, we had the mindset of "If we can beat them with our current form, we can probably beat Mayhem." At the start, we didn't realize that Mayhem had all pushed so early. We couldn't deal with the overwhelming pressure, so we were shocked and couldnt do anything but give up the match. So at halftime, we huddled up. "Hey, let's work on our fundamentals first before anyone tries to carry. If we can get those down, fine. Pop off. But we can't keep playing for those solo highlight plays." Going into 3rd, it was all about fundamentals. How are we moving? What's our plan? How do we engage? How are THEY positioning? After we refocused on basic teamwork, I think our gameplay got a lot cleaner Map 3 onwards.

Q: How is living with GLA compared to Spitfire?

Haha, that's a fun question. I'm gonna say I prefer it at Gladiators.With London, we were in apartments in groups of 4. Living like that, you get separate cliques of friends within the team, so I didn't think that was ideal. I think having all of the players sleeping under one roof makes for a much better bonding experience. We have all 6/7 players (with the exception of one or two players due to space constraints), at the house together. It's good to be able to step off the computer and connect with one and other in our off time.

Q: Tell me about your relationships with your teammates.

I mean there's no politics or something like that, (5:00) but there are times when the Korean players hang out with each other and English speakers hang out with each other, but in general I get along well with Biggoose, Hydration, Shaz; I get along with everyone. But BigGoose, especially, has that type of personality that Koreans really like. Like, he's really funny, so I think both Koreans and Americans REALLY like BigGoose. So, to give an example of how he interacts with the Koreans - whenever we're talking in Korean, he'll just copy us, but have no idea what we are actually talking about. So, he started using all of these Korean swear words at us that he learned FROM US. The fact that he just suddenly started swearing at us in Korean really cracked us up.

Q: How has Bischu helped you specifically with your transition?

Bischu-hyung has a very likeable character ー I don't think anyone wouldn't like him. He doesn't like have a really loud sense of humor, but he brings an ever peaceful and cheerful vibe to the team. He really plays that role well and it helps all of our "mental"s. Plus, he's the one that can bridge the language gap between the English and Korean-speaking members of the team. He's a good hyung.

Q: Anyone you miss from your old London squad?

Oh, of course I miss them all. If I had to pick, I'd say I have more of a connection with the players I teamed with since Kongdoo like Birdring and BDosin-hyung. And before I met GC Busan, NUS was actually with Kongdoo for a bit before London, so I got a chance to know him then. So like, NUS, Bdosin, Birdring ー I'll probably get together this weekend to grab food anyway.

Where are y'all eating?


Got a favorite KBBQ spot in KTown?

I like Quarters.


So, a lot of people really like Quarters and they definitely have that kind of charm. So, when I went there, the look was definitely American. I wondered, "Can this place pull off authentic Korean taste?" But when I tried it, it has that unique Korean flavor, but also combines it with American flavors really well with the cheese fondue and stuff. It's just a place that a diverse crowd can really enjoy.

That's a good point. I still can't stand how loud it is.

Q: How did your arrival make GLA a stronger team?

In my mind, I don't think I specifically made GLA a stronger team. I mean, obviously, there are concrete improvements that I bring to the team in some way or other. But I can say for certain, that when I came, there was a benefit. When I came, my teammates put their faith in me and put in a ton of work to show that. Let's face it - I took a step down from a stronger team and everyone's aware of that. It's that awareness that drives them to get to my level and that drives me to live up to that as well. It's that dynamic of driving each other to put in work that really Gladiators stronger as a whole.

Q: Why do you think Taimou asked you for help with Winston?

So, the way I saw it - it was more of a "what's wrong with our team?" than a "how can I improve at Winston?" Like a, "Yeah, I know I can be better at Winston, but is that really the problem?" That's not a question you can answer for yourself, so he came to me for perspective. It makes sense since I'm a main tank player and GLA/Fuel scrim regularly so I have more insight into their play than others. So, that's why I think he asked me. But in my mind, in the case of Dallas team problem. I don't think Taimou on main tank is the problem. I saw Effect's AMA. The big thing I learned from it is that their team has no shotcaller. The ridiculous thing about this is, no matter how bad a team is...whether it's a Contenders team...I mean, no BM. I mean to say even if you look at teams competing a step lower than OWL like in OWC, even their teams are going to have a shotcaller and a game plan. The fact that they don't have a shotcaller is shocking. If you don't have that, it's so hard for the main tank to do anything. It's not like the main tank has to have good aim, it's about game sense. But if you don't know how your team is gonna move around, the main tank can't do anything. I think that's the main issue - the fact that they have no shotcaller.

What's the fix for them, then?

In short, the nonsense picks need to stop and they need someone to work on shotcalling. Seeing AKM on Genji and Sombra - It's ridiculous. You have Rascal! You don't need to do that! So, fix that. I teamed with Rascal, right? Rascal can shotcall! I mean, can he do it as well as me? I think I'm still better at it, but he can totally shotcall. I have no idea why they're not running him. Maybe there are some team circumstances I'm unaware of. But if they use Rascal a bit more. If they trust him like GLA trusted me...if they put a bit of faith in him, I think they'd be stronger.

Q: You said Zunba and Meko were the two best off-tanks in the League. Why?

So, there can truly be one best tank, right? But I chose two because they're both SO good. With D.Va - MekO's a bit better at peeling for his teammates and dealing damage. But if we're talking Zarya, you can't touch Zunba's Zarya. But it's not like Zunba's bad at D. Va or MekO's bad at Zarya ー they are equally as good. I just don't know who to pick. But what I can say for sure, wouldn't it be the team who wins stage 2 that has the strongest offtanks? Then again, it's the players themselves who make up the best team, so I'd think it'd be the Stage 2 champions that can claim the two best offtanks.

Q: You've put a lot more time/energy into streaming. Why should people watch your stream?

So the reason I stream... I don't do it for the donations or money - that doesn't matter to me. It's about the fans and building the community. It's my fans that drive me, and I just really love talking to everyone in the chat. I want to interact more with the fans through the stream.

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