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Mayhem's TviQ on Overwatch Hanzo changes and how pros can abuse his kit

By Josh Lee
May 01, 2018
Florida Mayhem DPS, TviQ, speaks on the new Hanzo changes on the Blizzard PTR, and how they will change the competitive meta for Overwatch League pros.

Q: How do the new Hanzo changes change his place in the competitive meta?

Well, I kind of think that he goes from a kind of niche pick, where like it's kind of map dependent, or really map dependent, what type of composition you go up against, if you are able to actually pull it off, if you can basically use him as an ultimate generator where you use grav and the dragon, and just from that you basically win the push or whatever. But instead, with this new Hanzo, I think that he's going to have a way more stable pick rate when it comes to his overall pick compositions basically, where his new ability instead of the scatter, he's being able to pull out quite a lot of the DPS with just fast arrows and making the life for Tracer even harder than what it already was. She just had to dodge scatter, and then she was fine. It was kind of like she could basically do whatever she wanted, and you got to kill him fast enough so that he doesn't randomly hit an arrow, or luckily hit an arrow. But now instead, she has to fear a very short cooldown of 6 or 5 arrows, where it shoots very fast, does a lot of damage, two-shots unless you go straight for a headshot, which instakills her basically, while also, probably what I think is the biggest change about Hanzo, is the wallhack cooldown, where it's been reduced to 12 seconds instead of 20. The radius and the duration has been nerfed a little bit to compensate for it, but I think that is literally the biggest change about him, except for maybe the movement ability he got. But I think like the wallhack is gonna be the biggest game changer for Hanzo.

Do you think teams will be able to abuse his wallhack cooldown even more now?

I think it will be massively abused, to the point where you'll be able to hypothetically play some sort of dive with him, like dive meaning just a monkey and Tracer maybe, if you choose to play that, if that maybe becomes a thing where you can easily scout where the front of the frontline is, so that you can get an idea of whatever you want to go for the backline, or whatever you want to go use for a tank push, basically. And just being able to give a lot of information more often would just make Hanzo a more reliable pick, not only because of his changes, but also because of being able to position yourself differently and always be able to pretty much correctly predict what the enemy is going to do.

Do you think we'll see him pop up on a wider variety of maps?

I definitely think that he's going to be able to see a lot more gameplay, just general overall. I don't know if there's going to be a specific map where you're likel "Oh shit, you have to play him here. You have to play him 100 percent here." But I definitely think with the increased momentum momentum or mobility that he has gotten, I definitely think that there's many maps where it's kind of open, maybe like Numbani, because Numbani has a lot of corners, but it's very open still. But with the new mobility he has , there's a very good chance that he'd be able to see play on this map specifically like that, because there's so many corners and it is very hard to engage versus him and take a prolonged fight, when it comes to this many corners and kind of open.

How excited are you personally? We know Tviq + Hanzo = life.

Hanzo is life.

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