September Monthly Update

By Josh Lee
Sep 13, 2017
The new patch in PUBG brings a new gun, a new weather mode, and a brand-new city!

The September Update

Bluehole’s September iteration of their monthly PUBG updates hit the Test Servers early Tuesday morning. The patch will remain on Test Servers for a couple of days before being pushed live later in the week. Along with the monthly patch’s regular slew of optimization and quality-of-life adjustments came a number of new features.

Here are some of the biggest changes:

New Gun!

Official picture of new PUBG weapon Mini-M14
The new Mini-M14

PUBG’s newest gun is the Mini-14. It spawns in the regular world and is the first Designated Marksman Rifle in the game that uses 5.56mm ammunition. The gun can take a total of three attachments: an optic, a sniper magazine, and a sniper muzzle attachment.

The Mini-14 has a 20-round base magazine, double that of its other DMR counterparts - the SKS and the Mk14. It has the lowest base damage of the DMRs, but the gun’s high muzzle velocity makes it very accurate at range.

Tommy Guns For Everyone

In-Game image of PUBG Tommy Gun
The Tommy Gun is no longer an Airdrop Crate exclusive.

Previously only found in Airdrop Crates, the Tommy Gun will now spawn in the open world. The gun’s previous 100-round magazine size has been reduced to a base of 30.

The Tommy Gun can now utilize Foregrips in addition to SMG muzzle and magazine attachments (still no optics).

New Weather Conditions

First-person view of new PUBG weapon Mini-M14 while ADS-ing with iron sights. Player in foggy weather.
Wielding the new Mini-14 in the fog.

In addition to the regular, rainy, and sunset weather conditions, the game will now occasionally load with Foggy weather.

This weather mode is the first that will actively obstruct player sight and will force players to adjust to the reduced visibility conditions.

A New City!

One of the largest world changes to date, the new patch gave birth to an entire new city.

The new city, Kameshki, shares the area with the seldom-visited mountaintop area of Stalber. In addition to the city, a number of scattered buildings have been added to the general area, making the northeastern area of the map far more appealing for looting runs.


For the full patch notes, head over to their dev blog.

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