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Item Guide - Consumables & Equipment

Information and statistics on the consumable items in PUBG.

Last updated September 8 2017

Healing Items

Med Kit

In-game image of PUBG Med Kit.

Heal Amount: 100%

Use Time: 8 seconds

Due to the item’s long use time, players should exercise caution and make sure they’re in the clear before they attempt to use them.

First Aid Kit

In-game image of PUBG First Aid Kit

Heal Amount: To 75%

Use Time: 6 seconds

If you need a quick burst of healing in a pinch, the First Aid Kit will do just that.


In-game image of PUBG

Heal Amount: 10% over 3 seconds

Use Time: 4 seconds

Bandages don't stack, so wait for the bandage's third heal tick before you use another one.


Boosters add a fixed amount to your "boost bar". The boost bar is split into four sections that each grant a buff when filled. The final 25% of your health bar can only be replenished through boosters or a Med Kit. Your character’s boost bar decays over time.

Section 1 - Slowly heals you over time.
Section 2 - Increased healing over time.
Section 3 - Further increased healing, and small Movement speed boost.
Section 4 - Greatest healing over time and movement speed buffs

Energy Drink

In-game image of PUBG Energy Drink Booster

Boost Amount: 40%

Use Time: 4 seconds

They’re the quickest to consume among the boosters, so chug one in the middle of a gunfight to boost your health regeneration and give yourself an extra edge.


In-game image of PUBG Painkiller Booster

Boost Amount: 60%

Use Time: 6 seconds

A single Painkiller will heal you for 40% of your health over 3 minutes - an invaluable buff during extended gunfights.

Adrenaline Syringe

In-game image of PUBG Adrenaline Syringe

Boost Amount: 100%

Use Time: 10 seconds

This is the only consumable in the game that’s found exclusively in air drops. Save it for the most dire of situations.


Grenades are one-time use items that can be used in a variety of ways. Once the pin is pulled, each grenade has a "cook" time of five seconds before activating, so stay vigilant!

Frag Grenade

In-game image of PUBG Frag Grenade

A well-placed frag grenade can down your opponents in one loud puff of smoke and fire. Just make sure you don’t hold onto it for too long.

Stun Grenade

In-game image of PUBG Stun Grenade

A good hit from a stun grenade will blind and disorient a player for up to 10 seconds, so use them when you’re clearing cramped buildings or when you know you have someone cornered.

Smoke Grenade

In-game image of PUBG Smoke Grenade

When you don’t have any cover to hide behind, make your own! Smoke grenades are very useful in covering your own movements and cutting off enemy sightlines.

Molotov Cocktail

In-game image of PUBG Molotov Cocktail

Trying to flush enemies from cover? Throw a bottle of fire at them.

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