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We are Blitz.

Here at Blitz, we’re working to bridge the gap between esports fandom and personal gameplay.

Quality Content.

Blitz is one of the premier esports publications covering League of Legends, CS:GO, and Overwatch. In addition to breaking news and conducting player interviews, our team of experts break down next-level strategies in pro play in easy-to-understand videos that educate average gamers and empower them to play like the pros.

We operate our own fully-equipped production studio in Los Angeles and are an official press partner of Riot Games and Blizzard. Our producers rank in the top 3% of their respective games, and millions of gamers watch our content each month to learn and improve.

Desktop Coaching App.

The Blitz Desktop App is the first fully automatic coaching tool for League of Legends. Once installed and running, it detects when the player has entered a live game and uses computer vision to instantly display teammate stats and recommended champion playstyle tips, runes, and item builds based on data from high-elo ranked games--no typing required.

It’s our first foray into a completely seamless robo-coaching experience for PC gaming. Our goal is to make player improvement as simple as possible (no more tabbing in and out of Chrome!), whether it’s by automating the champion select process or giving personalized performance assessments after each game.

Meet the Team.

Gamers first and foremost.

Rick Ling
Joanna Jao
Head of BD
Jonathan Lin
Jonathan Wu
Lead Engineer
Sharon Coone
Editor in Chief
Shawn Park
Alex Yue
CS:GO Producer
Joshua Lee
Overwatch Producer
Kurt Hogarth
Lead GFX
Matt Mersel
Editorial Intern
Mark Reyes
Video Editor
Renato Perdigão
League Producer
Ricardo Garcia
Video Editor


Want to join a fun company built by passionate, smart, and dedicated gamers? You’ve looked in the right place! At Blitz, we’ve assembled a winning team of avid esports fans who are among the best at what they do.

Our content team is based in Los Angeles, CA and our product/engineering team is based in Berkeley, CA. See below for available positions:

Frontend Engineer

Full-time in Berkeley, CA

Fortnite Content Producer

Part-time, Remote

Backend Engineer

Full-time in Berkeley, CA

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