How Vega Squadron's CT side shut down FaZe on Inferno

By Alex Yue
Jan 19, 2018
In the New Challengers Stage of the Boston Major, CS:GO fans saw one of the biggest upsets when Vega Squadron dominated the #2 ranked team in the world, FaZe clan. We take a look at Vega's CT side and see just how they were able to shut down the Super Team's T side.

On day 2 of the New Challengers Stage of the Boston Major, CS fans saw one of the biggest upsets when FaZe Clan lost 16-6 versus Vega Squadron. To make Vega’s win even more impressive, it was on Inferno, a map where FaZe has a 71.2% win rate on. So how did Vega take down everyone’s 3-0 pick at the event? It was thanks to an aggressive, yet patient CT side, solid communication, and fundamental utility usage. Let’s take a look at round 5, a round that perfectly demonstrates how Vega used these three principles.

After forcing up AKs on Round 3, losing that round, and then saving Round 4, FaZe is finally on a full buy. Guardian picks up his AWP and everyone on FaZe is loaded up on utility. Right away this AWP buy pays off with Guardian finding an early pick on jR at mid. This is a massive blow to Vega considering Inferno is a map where being down a man on CT side is especially difficult due to the rotation distance between bombsites. Despite this setback, Vega keeps their cool and plays smart. Both pairs of CTs on each site positions themselves for basic crossfires and trade setups.

At Banana, Chopper and mir are getting aggressive, taking control of car. They’ve smoked off the mouth of Banana, isolating NiKo and Olofmeister. Notice how through the use of Molotovs and grenades, Vega forces both NiKo and Olof to hug the wall opposite of the Logs. With nowhere to hide and Guardian smoked off, Chopper pushes up and easily picks off the two FaZe players. After getting these two picks, Chopper eventually falls back into Church covering the potential wrap through CT spawn. This move shows just how good Vega’s communication is. Because jR was picked at the start of the round, the 2 A players just give up Arch side, which Chopper is now set to cover from Church.

While NiKo and Olof were getting taken out, the rest of FaZe was taking control of Apartments and Top Mid. They use a few smokes and flashes to hopefully convince Vega that a hit is coming towards A, before doubling back towards Banana with the bomb. As they creep up Banana, Rain takes out mir. With the round now 3 on 3, FaZe makes the smart call to push their numbers advantage at B. They smoke off the site and get the bomb down.

Where FaZe screws up however, is completely ignoring that Chopper, who took out NiKo and Olof, was playing Banana alongside mir. With no information on where Chopper is, FaZe should have been way more careful in securing the bombsite. Instead of trying to clear out Church while they have the numbers advantage, FaZe just sets up in post plant positions.

Watch how Chopper plays so patiently lurking behind the smoke by Coffins. Once the smoke fades, he gets a free pick on Guardian who is running to cover Banana. Chopper continues to creep into the site finding another kill on Rain. Finally Karrigan takes him out, but by then it’s too late. The two remaining Vega players have rotated and easily clean up Karrigan. With plenty of time to defuse, Vega takes the round and puts FaZe back on another Eco.

This one round perfectly encapsulates how Vega Squadron was able to take down FaZe. It was thanks to strong fundamental CS, smart utility usage, and solid communication that Vega dominated the Super Team’s T side, ultimately taking 12 rounds in the half. After this performance, Vega showed that their nickname of Legend Killers isn’t something to take lightly.

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Alex Yue
Alex is a former competitive Counter-Strike 1.6 player, cutting his teeth in the CAL leagues on teams like DDY and Offspring. Since putting competing aside, Alex has doubled down on Esports, producing content for organizations like compLexity Gaming and Machinima. Now at Blitz, Alex is helping spearhead our CS:GO content.
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