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Infinity Esports

INF Relic: "I think G2 is an accessible team for us. I think we can beat them in a best of five if we play well."

By Renato "Shakarez" Perdigão
Oct 07, 2018

Infinity Esports finished in second place in group A of the Play-in stage and are heading into the Bo5 stage. After a slow start and an 0-2 on the first day, the team had a surprise win over EDward Gaming and defeated Dire Wolves to qualify in second place. We sat down with Infinity's Top Laner, Relic to talk about coming in with no practice due to visa issues, representing Latin America North at Worlds, and facing a #1 seed in the Best of 5 series.


Congratulations on making it to phase 2 of the Play-ins. When you saw your group, did you think you guys would be taking a game off of EDG?

I think our group was the hardest of the play-in stage, we didn't expect to win against them, but we knew if we had a really good game or if they played bad we would win. We did our best and somehow we managed to beat them, so we're very happy.

The team had visa issues which lead to arriving just a day before playing. Did it affect your performance on the first day?

Yes. Honestly it was really, really bad. The first day we were so tired that we couldn't focus at all. We were playing like on automatic, we were not playing well at all, it was really bad. I think we had our worst games on stage so it was really frustrating, but we knew that we were better than that and today we managed to win.

Because of your visa issues you had no practice coming in to the tournament like other teams, do you feel like you were at a disadvantage?

Yes, we knew that we were at a disadvantage, but we wouldn't win anything thinking that. We knew we were able to beat any team if we played well, so we just had a good mentality coming into the tournament, and yeah...

You played against Ray, who is known for playing carries and split pushers. How was it handling his pressure on Fiora? Did you think he was a hard opponent to face?

I have some experience playing against him in NA solo queue when he was on Cloud9 and I know that he's very solid, but he's not the most aggressive top laner. Coming into the match, I was really comfortable playing against him. I think in lane I did a good job in both matches.

I know he's really good in the macro game and in teamfights, but I was really comfortable playing against him, to be honest. Out of all the tier 1 teams, I think he's the easiest of the tournament.

You guys lost to Rainbow7 last year in the finals. This year you were the first team not named Rainbow7/Lyon to represent LAN at worlds and right before the merge with LAS. How does it feel to represent your region internationally and did you feel like you had big shoes to fill?

We lost two finals in a row so, you know this was the last final of Latin America North. So we knew this was our chance because next split the teams will be stronger and the competition will be harder.

So we did our best and we are a bit fortunate, I think. We managed to come out on top and win the split so it's really nice to play internationally. I think we did really well in playoffs so we were really confident that we could do a good job in this tournament as well.

Now that you have qualified, who would you like to face and who would you like to avoid of the first seed teams?

I think we want to avoid Cloud9. I think they are the best team aside from EDG in the play-in. I think their style is really good against us and they would punish us a lot.

Talking about the other teams, I think we prefer to play either G2 or Supermassive, whoever is first. We don't really know how good G-Rex is, but they seem to be really good. I think G2 is a really accessible team for us. I think we can beat them in a best of five if we play well.

Images via Lolesports Flickr

Infinity Esports
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Renato "Shakarez" Perdigão
Shakarez has done work as a content manager for guide websites and also as a league analyst. As an enthusiast of good League, he usually rants about how teams are doing it wrong or instead talks about tank Karma being a great troll pick.
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