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iG TheShy: "I don't have a specific player that I want to go up against. I just want to play games."

By Renato "Shakarez" Perdigão
Oct 17, 2018
TheShy talks about sharing the position with Duke, iG's playstyle and players he'd like to face

Invictus Gaming started their Worlds Run with a 3-0, coming out ahead of Fnatic. We talked to TheShy about sharing the position with Duke, their playstyle and players he'd like to face


Renato (Shakarez): First off congratulations on your win. I wanted to talk a bit about switching between you and Duke. When you're subbed out, do you discuss stuff with the coaching staff on the matchups that Duke is playing, if he's doing it correctly, what he can do better? Do you help each other when one of you is not playing?

TheShy: As for the coach, when we discuss, because Duke and I have different champion pools, we usually just talk about what he should do going forward in the game, or what to do in the ban/pick stage. But as for Duke, when we discuss, we talk about which champion we're more confident about, and we try to look for better ways or better directions going forward by discussion.

And I wanted a bit of a comparison between you and Duke as a player. What are the biggest differences between you two, and how different does the team play?

So the difference between Duke and I is that I prefer carry champs whereas he prefers tank champs. But if you are a good top laner, I think ultimately your play style tends to become a little bit similar. But I guess our main difference is the champions. For me, if I choose carry or tank champions, I tend to focus on the lane matches.

And speaking of this game, the game seemed set up for a carry versus carry matchup, but you ended up going Sion versus the Irelia. Was the decision to take Camille jungle yours or the coaches?

So I think Irelia has an advantage during the very early game, and I think Irelia is in a higher tier, and the only thing that could go against the Irelia was Sion. So that's why we had that compositon.

You ended up ending the game very fast—and Invictus I believe has now the second fastest game in the last five years at Worlds—but the game started favorable for 100Thieves. What did you guys do, from that point where you were behind initially, to turn it around and win in record time?

Our play style is that we tend to focus on clear and starting fights. So as long as we have a little advantage, we try to snowball that advantage and end the game as fast as we can. So in the beginning, we saw a lot of losses in the top jungle and the top lane, so we decided to let go of the top lane and focus on the bottom lane. So I'm not sure about the opponent, maybe they had bad communication about that, but we were able to take that advantage, and we had good tanks and a very well-grown AD carry. So that's how he ended the game really fast.

Finally, looking at the top lane competition at Worlds, is there any player you'd like to face in the top lane and why?

No, I don't have a specific player that I want to go up against. I think they're all great players, and the results differ for everyone, depending on their conditions that day. So what I want to do now is I just want to play games.

The interview above has been edited for clarity

Images via Lolesports Flickr

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