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Fl0w3r Won't Compete in Overwatch League Season 1, but one team has future dibs

By Sharon Coone
Nov 04, 2017

Update: New York Excelsior has publicly announced that Fl0w3r will compete with the team in the future. Later in the evening at BlizzCon, Nate Nanzer confirmed he will appear in Season 2.

Excelsior will be familiar for the DPS player, having recently signed the rest of Fl0w3r's previous LW Blue team.

Original story:

BlizzCon and the Overwatch World Cup are underway, and so far its most stunning performances have come from the day one matchup between USA and South Korea. The back and forth rounds saw some show-stopping Widowmaker play from Fl0w3r, a competitor many would call the best DPS in the Overwatch scene.

Unfortunately, though, the 17 year-old Fl0w3r will not be competing when the official Overwatch League begins. Blizzard requires competing players to be at least 18 years of age. Players are also not able to sign with a team unless they will turn 18 before April 5, 2018.

Meanwhile, Fl0w3r's World Cup teammates have all been signed to OWL teams, with Saebyeolbe and Mano heading to New York Excelsior, and Zunba, Tobi, and Ryujehong playing for Seoul Dynasty.

Jack Etienne, owner of Cloud9 and head of London Spitfire, did recently confirm that the OWL will allow mid-season signings, so there may be an opportunity for Fl0w3r to join the League at a later date.

The Overwatch League begins its exhibition matches in Blizzard's Burbank arena Dec. 6, with regular season games beginning Jan. 10.

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Sharon Coone
Sharon spent three years as a video game encyclopedia (Editor in Chief) at Twinfinite. Now she just brags about the time she got to Gold in League of Legends using a trackpad.
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