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Fl0w3r's Widowmaker Inspirations: "I have a lot of respect for players like Pine and Taimou"

By Josh Lee
Nov 04, 2017

The USA vs. South Korea quarterfinals match at the Overwatch World Cup 2017 was an intense slugfest that was far more competitive than anticipated.

South Korea ultimately took the series to eliminate Team USA with much credit given to the team’s young DPS star, Fl0w3r, whose Widowmaker prowess proved too much for the American team to handle.

After their victory we asked him, “Is there a better Widowmaker in this world than Fl0w3r?”

Fl0w3r: I have a lot of respect for Widow players like Pine and Taimou. It’s great players like them who force me to practice a wider range of heroes and improve in general.

Taimou and Pine will be competing in the inaugural season of the official Overwatch League for the Dallas Fuel and New York Excelsior, respectively.

While Fl0w3r’s World Cup performance has been stellar, he’s still too young to compete in the first year of the OWL.

Josh Lee profile
Josh Lee
Josh is the lead Overwatch Producer at Blitz Esports. He's also been spotted casting a few Overwatch and League of Legends tournaments.
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