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Fusion Boombox’s kitchen nightmares, Carpe and Snillo’s differences, & his SC2 history

By Josh Lee
Apr 10, 2018
Philadelphia Fusion Support, Boombox, on his UK Starcraft 2 roots, Carpe and Snillo's Tracer play, and various kitchen mishaps at the Fusion team house.

Q: UK had a pretty close-knit SC2 LAN scene, right?

Yeah. Most people who went to UK Starcraft LAN events were good friends, so a lot of the time you went there to go with friends I guess, as well as playing to win.

So what's the vibe. How's the vibe different at LAN events compared to just playing online?

Well, I guess you actually get to see the people you are playing again. So it's different than—online it's just some name, whereas in LAN it's someone in-person. You could go behind him, and watch him play... I guess having a scene like that helped want to be more competitive, because it was so fun going to LAN events and socializing with UK Starcraft people where it pushed me to be competitive and kept me playing the game.

Q: What unique challenges do single-hero specialists like yourself face?

I guess if you specialize in one Hero you usually have a playstyle which is more readable, but if you're playing a bunch of heroes it's way harder to know how a person is going to play. So I guess that's the only downside.

Q: Where do you think Zenyatta ranks overall in terms of skill cap?

I think Zen's one of the harder heroes, because you need to play a lot around your team and have good positioning and aim, and you need to be thinking about so much more than let's say a Tracer. But some heroes, like Tracer probably, you can clutch more, so it's harder. But Zen, you need to think a lot.

Q: How is supporting Carpe's Tracer different from Snillo's?

I feel that Snillo is a way more defensive Tracer. He'll go for the duels against other Tracers a lot more, whereas Carpe would go for their backline because he knows he can kill them. So it's like it makes me as a Zen safer because he's dealing with a Tracer sometimes, and that helps a lot.

Do you prefer one over the other?

The one where I don't die, I prefer. That's usually good.

Q: Did you guys actually almost burn down the team house?

I'm a very good cook. Nothing's ever gone wrong. It's all staged. All fake. And that's all everyone needs to know.

So when I come across pictures of you guys microwaving butter... stuff like that?

Yeah, it's staged. Like, who would microwave butter not on a plate? Who would make that mistake?

I have a lot of friends who are terrible at cooking. I don't know if you're just trolling or not.

I may have like microwaved it for about 10 seconds and thought it wouldn't like melt and would just get like slightly softer but when I looked back it was completely melted.

Who would do such a thing?

Like, who would ever?

Q: Luckily, you've got Chef Heidi in the kitchen. How does a dedicated chef help you as a player?

I guess it's nice because before we would order food or have to cook something and you'd have to wait. So you're waiting hours for food to arrive or not knowing when you're going to have food. Whereas with Chef Heidi, it brings structure to our food, which is good to have a structure when you're practicing. And it's really nice food too.

Is there a specialty she makes that you're really into?

I think she's made some of the nicest burgers and burritos I've ever had. Like she did a Juicy Lucy or something? It has cheese in the middle of the burger and it was like the nicest burger I've had in America so far. And also her burritos are really nice.

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