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Outlaws LiNkzr's key to success: "You put K-pop on, and then you just frag out"

By Josh Lee
Apr 11, 2018
Houston Outlaws DPS, LiNkzr, on the power of K-pop, the team's Texas tour, and working with head coach, TaiRong.

Q: Why is KPop the optimal ranked grind music?

Okay, so there's two moods you want to find. One is classical music and one is KPop. Classical is the one where you regroup yourself and find a flow, you know? And KPop is the one where you pop off. You get into the game, you put Kpop on, and then you just frag out.

Are there certain bands/groups that really make you pop off?

I think MOMOLAND and BTS are two good ones, and K.A.R.D., It's like K.A.R.D or something.

Do you think you'd pop off onstage even more if they let you listen to Kpop?

Yeah if I could get MOMOLAND's "Bboom-Bboom" on repeat I would pop off so hard.

Q: Tell me a bit about the Outlaws Texas trip.

Well every time we went to a new town, just experiencing Texas in general like Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. All of them had a different vibe to them. All of the people there are still really nice and accommodating, caring, and loving. Like all the fans, no matter where they were from in Texas, they were amazing for us. And I think that's the most memorable part from the trip. The type of fans we have, I feel like sometimes we just don't deserve them. Too amazing I ate so many steaks when I was in Texas.

Is that truly the best BBQ in the world? Texas?

It's high up there. I didn't get that OH MY GOD moment, but I was very impressed with the food culture.

Okay. Texas BBQ vs KBBQ?

Oh my god...I would go with KBBQ because I've had it more. I've had it more, and it's not only the meat. It's like a lot of things and the Korean BBQ.

Q: Why were Jake and Rawkwus the ones chosen for the Today Show?

I'm not sure what happened. I think CoolMatt was initially supposed to go. But then Jake and Rawkus just went. I think they like hijacked the trip. They really wanted to go.

Why do you think they really wanted to go?

I don't know. It's a huge opportunity to be in front of that many people and represent Overwatch League, basically. Like bring it out there. I think it's really admirable, what they did.

Q: What makes Tairong's coaching style so unique and effective?

I had different types of coaches in Overwatch in general. I have like two coaches that I really appreciate. One is Tairong and one is my previous coach on Gigantti. What Tairong offers is...the amount of research and resources he wants to pour into players and make them learn, it's very hard to keep up with your coach. He inputs so much information in you that's like all really good. But, I feel like I need to be better and use all the information he gives us. Like I know that I can't use it all instantly, but I know that I'm working towards whatever he does. He has a really interesting mindset to how the team should play or what direction he wants to take the team in. And I really appreciate what he's doing for the team.

He has a great sense of humor too, I hear.

Yeah he does. He's a goofball. Like he has a weird personality I would say. I mean I don't know how to describe it. I think he's like, sometimes I feel like he's eccentric. And sometimes I feel like he gets very emotional. I don't know. It's like sometimes it's like "Angry Tairong." Sometimes "Happy Tairong." Sometimes it's "Big Belly Tairong," I don't know.

So how does your guys' behavior change when it's Angry Tairong vs. Happy Tairong?

I mean, we always take Tairong seriously. Sometimes, Tairong is like, "GUYS! GUYS!" Like today when we played against London Spitfire, some of my decision-making was kind of poor. I Haven't been feeling too well because I was a bit sick. Like he basically said, "Jiri, Stop feeding!" Like, come on! And then we went from Route 66 to Oasis and I actually had a pretty good Oasis round. For other people I feel like someone yelling at, well not yelling at you, but giving strong feedback to kind of wake you up might make them shut down, but for me, I've told him it's the opposite, and I'm glad he listens to me in that sense that he tells me when I'm fucking up, because I know I can do better if I'm feeding.

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