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SF's sinatraa on playing Saebyeolbe, why Fortnite's so popular, and his CS:GO idol Stewie2k

By Josh Lee
Apr 24, 2018
We interviewed SF Shock DPS, Sinatraa, at the Blizzard Arena about his friendships, fashion and music tastes, and dueling NYXL's Saebyeolbe in the future.

Q: I see you wearing a lot of Gucci. What's up with all the Gucci gear?

I don't know. I was a hypebeast to begin with, like Yeezys, all that stuff, like Supreme type stuff, but then I started getting into designer, and Gucci was the first one I looked at, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, because that's the one everyone knows. And the Ace Sneakers just stood out to me because of the snake, and I don't know, they're just cool. But I feel like everyone is like that, they start off a hypebeast, with Yeezys type stuff, and then after five months, you're like, "Oh, yeah, I'm going to get designer."

What made you go to those brands specifically, LV and Gucci?

Because literally everyone knows what those brands are. Like if you go to someone and say some really high designer brand that no one knows about, only the rich people would know about it. So you got to go for the one everyone knows about.

So is it about flexing?

Yeah. And style, it just looks good too.

Do you take inspiration from any other pop culture icons when it comes to high fashion?

Lil Pump. I'm just kidding, I just wanted to say that for the video. It was funny.

Q: You say you're a big hip-hop fan. Can you name some of your favorite artists?

Right now I like Lil Mosey. I like Lil Mosey a lot. He's 15 and he actually went to the rival high school of mine. I used to go to Shorewood High School and he went to Shorecrest High School, and he's 15 right now, and he's made it basically. So Lil Mosey, Lil Pump, 21 Savage, Lil Skies. He's good. Those four, Lil Uzi Vert too. They're all really good, I think.

So some newer generation guys, everyone with a "Lil" in front of their name. Know how 10 years ago everyone wanted to produce EDM, and now everyone's trying to be the next Cardi B?

Yeah, Soundcloud rappers.

Have you ever gotten into that?

No, never. I'm garbage at music in general. I used to be in band. I'm good at like instrument type stuff, but not talking type music.

What did you play?


You don't think you could go hard on a beat with a clarinet?

No! I'm about to be Squidward out here or some shit. What the fuck?

Q: I see you stream Fortnite on occasion. Is Fortnite taking over the world?

Ooh, that's hard. Fortnite definitely is the top, top game by more than 2x margin, because it gets to—they did it so perfect to where it hits all the normal—you would say normies, you know? Like the high school party people, and everyone in high school is playing it, everyone in college is playing it. Rappers are playing it and the rappers are promoting it too. So they just did insane, so it's going to be crazy, that game. I'm sure it'll just only grow, because I watched Ninja, and when I first watched him and he had 150k viewers for the first time, I thought that was going to be the only time he had 150k viewers, but he gets it literally every day. I watch him every day and he has 150k viewers, so it's just crazy.

Q: You play a lot of CS:GO as well. What feels better: getting a one-clip as Tracer, or one-tapping with an AK?

I think it's one-tapping. Because you come around a corner, boom, you just one tap and it feels so good, I don't know. One clips do feel good too, but they don't feel as good, because one-tapping is just like, "I just shat on that guy."

Do you ever watch pro CS?

Yeah. I only watch teams that Stewie is on, because Stewie was my favorite player, like he was my idol when I was playing CS:GO. So I watched every Cloud9 match back then, and now I watch every SK match basically. Not every, but most

How do you feel about Stewie's move to SK, especially after their major win? And he's I think the only non-Brazilian ever to play with SK.

I think SK was doing pretty poorly if I recall, so they needed a change, and I think Cloud9 was doing pretty poorly too at the time, because usually teams that just won a major usually just do poorly after. So they were both doing poorly and they both needed changes I guess, so I think SK just wanted Stewie and he was like, "Alright." I think it's good for both the teams—I don't know about Cloud9, but it's good for SK I think. I think Stewie's good as fuck, I don't know. I'm just biased because he's my favorite player.

I used to push smokes every time just because of him. I would literally flash through every smoke possible.

Q: What inspired this Taco Bell Tweet?

Wait, when did I tweet it?

6:18PM actually.

Okay, I had just got back from shopping. I just got this backpack actually. I just got this backpack at the Louis V store at Rodeo, and then we were hungry, me, Sleepy, and I'm not going to say the other guy's name, but me and Sleepy were hungry, so we went to Taco Bell, and I had the Cinnabon delights or whatever, and they're so good. Like it's actually crazy how good, that's probably the best food in the world, I'm not even kidding. And the chalupa supreme? Jesus Christ, so good. So I had to make that tweet.

Q: How'd you and Hydration get to be such good friends?

I don't know how it started to be honest. I think it was because we played CLG a lot. We were their scrim partners when I was on Selfless a lot. So I talked to them, from there I started talking to him, and then I started talking to Zombs, xRetzi, uNKOE, all those people. And then I made a Discord called the ELO Guardians and we used to do some dumb shit, but they're all in my Discords. I've talked to them every day. We've talked since December, like we talk everyday. Not just Hydration, all of us, we talk together. So I'm really good friends with Zombs, really good friends with uNKOE, really good friends with xRetzi and Hydration, and all the other people on the Discord. But those are the people who mainly talked in the Discord.

Do you guys hang out a lot in person?

Only me and uNKOE, because Hydration lives really far from here, and Zombs lives in Florida, and xRetzi lives in... I don't know.

What do you and uNKOE do when you hang out?

Eat and talk about Overwatch. We go out to eat every night, basically.

What are your favorite spots to go to?

Buffalo Wild Wings. Mama Hong's, that's a good one. It's a Vietnamese place, like pho type stuff. BJs, because they have this Pizookie cookie dessert thing that's really fucking good. So those places.

Q: You've been talking for months about getting revenge on Saebyeolbe for the World Cup. What's going to be the key to securing your revenge?

Just playing how I normally do, honestly. I don't have to play anything different. I was very inexperienced back then. When I was in the World Cup , I haven't played a Korean before the World Cup happened, and Koreans were nasty, and I just came into the World Cup really cocky I guess, and I just misplayed really hard, because they punished everything that I did. So now that I've been playing Koreans, scrimming Koreans all the time in Overwatch League, I think I just need to play normally now and I'm fine.

Q: You've said you feel bad about having your OWL salary being the only one publicized. Does that add pressure that other pros don't face?

On the week leading up to my first match, my debut, I didn't feel that nervous, but towards the days coming up to it, I started to feel really nervous, because everyone's like, "Is he worth 150k? 150, blah blah blah." It got leaked due to some dumb shit, honestly, like people just being stupid. But yeah, it really put a lot of pressure on me, because I felt like I must perform no matter what. Like I 100 percent have to perform. If I don't, I'm letting everyone down 100 percent, so it sucked hard but it's fine now, I guess.

How have you adjusted your mindset to get past all of that?

Don't read Twitch chat, because they just spam "150K LUL" type shit. It's cancerous. But don't read Twitch chat, don't read Reddit. I haven't read Reddit in like a solid 6 months. Yeah, and just don't look at negative Twitter comments, and if they do, just block them.

Anything else you want to talk about?

First thing, I've wanted to say this for a while: Thank you to the fans, 100 percent, because if it weren't for you guys, honestly esports wouldn't actually be a thing, to be honest. Like literally it would be nothing, so thank you so much to the fans, honestly. And follow me on Instagram. Only Insta, I don't care about the other social media platforms, but follow me on Instagram, it's sinatraa_ow.

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