Oceania Gets FPP Duos

By Josh Lee
Sep 13, 2017
Players on OCE servers can now play First-Person Only Duos.

In response to strong community demand, Bluehole has released FPP Duo mode for the PUBG players on OCE servers. The FPP-only mode will be limited to Duo play until the OCE playerbase can support more FPP playlists.

Since the game’s release, many players have asked for an option to lock player perspectives to only First-Person. The game’s default third-person camera perspective has been criticized by some of the community for enabling unfair in-game viewing angles - a problem remedied by locking every player to a first-person perspective.

Third-person view of man crouching on roof and abusing third-person camera angles.
In third person, players can easily see their surroundings under full cover.
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Josh Lee
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