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Impact: "I was excited to lane against Flame in NA, but we just play tanks and push in... feels bad"

By Mark Register
Mar 12, 2017
*Filmed during NA LCS Week 6. Watch with cc's ON for Korean portion.

Q: What Korean player has adapted to NA the best, and why?

I think I’m number one. No, I’m not lying. I think I'm number one best Korean in NA now, because I've stayed in NA so much time now--maybe two years--and I can speak so much English, easy... er, not easy, but I can speak. I can answer questions, I can just ask, easy. But other Korean players... I think their English is not bad, but need time because English in listening is so hard, I think. Well, not so hard, but need time, just need time. And maybe number two... I don't know. I want to say Piglet, but Piglet, he changed position mid and he yesterday win, but... maybe, okay.

Uh, TSM don't have Korean, FlyQuest don't have Korean... only Cloud9 have Korean. You know, only top team that have Korean. Because--top teams, only Cloud9 have Korean, and TSM and FlyQuest don't have Koreans. I think maybe because communication is so hard. So I don't know number two, number three, number four now.

Q: You've said that you wanted to be in NA more than anything else. Is that desire still as strong today as it was back then?

I don't know, because NA is good life and you don't have pressure so many, but I'm last year so sad because I'm best Korean on team and I played bad too, but we team lose too. But this time... I'm just thinking maybe, if I go to Korea and I'm practicing more, maybe play better, I think. But I don't know... NA's good because I'm turn exciting, I'm first time go NA, and I'm so exciting and I'm so happy. Wow, I can see sun and I can see clouds, oh shit, so easy. Because Koreans, so many have apartments, you see so hard the sky. But NA, you see easy and just makes you relaxed and makes the place good. So I don't know... it's maybe 50/50.

Q: You've said that you enjoy laning against Flame and that you're evenly matched. Why is that?

Oh I'm just, little bit, thinking it's turning exciting. I'm matching Flame, and people tell me I'm so funny--I'm so fun--because matching is--he has good lane phase and my picture is good too so it's 50/50, so fun. But... so he came first time in NA, right? So I'm matching him so I'm excited, all of the matches--"ohh, may be fun!" But just tank and just push in... nothing... feels bad, but we teammates better so we win.

Q: When you were on SKT, Coach kkOma taught you the importance of right mentality and proper manners. What did he mean by that?

He said, basically, even though he knew a little bit of that, he helped him try to get his basic manners, like when talking to other people and interacting with other people, what you can say and what you can't. And mentality-wise, he helped me a lot because when I lost lane back then, I used to tilt a lot, but he reinstated to me that even if I'm losing the lane, or if I'm the person that's falling behind, the team itself can win still. So there are still other win conditions, so that helped me a lot, personally.

Q: Why do you trust your teammates?

Because if--I think you need trust because if you want to win--and everyone wants to win, right? Teammates want to win, I want to win too. So we need trust, always.

Q: Is there anything that you want to talk about?

I just want to say thank you fans... how to say, wait... thank you for cheering for Cloud9, and I'm just so sad because one week my play so bad. So I'm just thank you so many times and I'm now better, so just yeah, I'm good.

- - - - -

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