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Ssumday talks adjusting to NA: "Dignitas has everything that a professional team needs to have."

By Mark Register
Mar 16, 2017
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Q: You left KT because of differences in opinion. What opinions do you share with Dignitas?

I feel that Dignitas is a team that has everything that an LCS team--a professional team--needs to have, and I feel like the reason why some of the opinions are better-meshing with the team is because the players are willing to step down a little bit and listen to one another.

Q: What's the Dignitas coaching staff like?

It's my understanding that Cop used to be a professional player as well. So he tries really hard to be effective during feedback, and he also tries to respect the input and opinions of the players.

Q: You've said that you were able to reach your full potential with Dignitas. Why were you able to do that?

I initially joined the team because after you spend a long time in one place, you need a strong stimulation in your career. That's why I joined Dignitas, and I don't think that I've reached quite 100 percent of my potential yet.

Q: How do you think Arrow is doing on P1?

Arrow moved to North America for the first time along with me, and since then, he's been on the same team with my old teammate Ryu. And I feel like he's doing really, really well right now. Even though it's only his first split in North America, he has a really good record currently.

Q: How do you maintain your relationship with your old Korean fans, and what do you think of your new NA fans?

I usually keep in contact with the Korean fans through social media like Twitter, and also through my streams. I talk to them as much as I can. And as for my new North American fans, I'm very thankful for them because for me, all manner of fans are very important.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to say?

Right now, we know that our team is close to the bottom side of the bracket, but we'll work hard to bring ourselves back up, so I hope the fans continue to support us and watch our games. Thank you very much. 

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