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Wunder talks what makes a great top-laner and how Splyce prepares for LCS matches

By Mark Register
Apr 17, 2017

Q: Why aren't you on the list of Top 10 Hottest League of Legends Players?

Is that the first question? I'm not the Top 10 Hottest League Players list because that's not my interest. My interest is being the best player that I possibly can be, and doing more than 4k damage every game, unlike Trashy.

Q: What did you learn from playing at Worlds?

I mean, first, playing at Worlds was a great experience because they are all generally better players than what I play against in Europe. It's, of course, the best players from--considered best players from every position, almost, that goes to Worlds, so I learnt... basically just learned how to play my role at a higher level in general. And then I also learned a lot about how they think going into the game, like what they do in certain scenarios. But of course, the meta is different now than it was at Worlds. So it's always changing, but I feel like I grew a lot as a player, and I just learnt from a higher level of competition than what I'm used to.

Q: How do you measure the greatness of a top-laner?

I think a great top laner is... I mean, the first thing you look at, of course is--like, how I measure it mostly is laning phase, because I don't know what really goes on within the team, like TP plays and rotations and stuff like that and calling in the team. So of course, the easiest way to measure a good top-laner or a good laner in general, I think, is laning phase. And then, of course, if he doesn't know what to do in team fights, if he just runs into the back line and dies instantly, then of course that's a bad thing as well. But I would just say laning phase, mostly, and then correct team fighting or--if the person doesn't split push or group up when he's supposed to, like ignore, I think.

Q: How do you find advantages against your opponents?

I mean, in a perfect situation, it's kind of hard to find advantages. It depends on matchups as well. I feel like, if I'm playing against a really good player, it's hard to find advantages. This is mostly team play that gives you a decent advantage. I feel like, in competitive play, it's mostly TPing to bot or something and diving or setting up a really good dive for your jungler, something like that. It's really hard to get on your own when you play against really good top-laners, but against mediocre or bad top-laners, it's mostly, like, wave manipulation and making sure that they are forced to make a mistake at some point. But it's hard against good ones.

Q: What's the mentality and the preparation you need to have before going into LCS games?

I mean, preparation before game mostly depends on what team you're playing against. I feel like it's just, we go into the day and we have some picks prepared. We have a certain draft in mind that we have--or like two or three different ones that we have kind of experimented with throughout the entire week, and then we go into the game and we try to strive for the best route possible. And during the game, I think it's just playing as we have tried to do the entire week, playing like we did in scrims, stuff like that. I think that's the most important.

Q: What was the transition like, going from Dignitas EU to Splyce?

At Dignitas EU, when we were in Challenger, we didn't really have a lot of backing from our org because we were just a Challenger team during that time. Challenger teams were just... it wasn't as high of a priority as it is now. I feel like, back in the days, the salary wasn't that high. People were just playing Challenger too... it was just mainly a group of friends getting together, and then you play Challenger because you were at a high level individually. And from the organization, when we moved to Splyce, we didn't really know Splyce either. That was Follow Esports when we got picked up. But they had a lot more staff and a lot more backing and trust in us to perform, and a lot more weight on our shoulders compared to when we played in Challenger. So that's the main difference.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to add?

Thank you watching for the interview, and I hope we can win EU at some point.

- - - - -

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