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Vizicsacsi talks about the secret to UOL's success and how the team stays positive and energetic

By Mark Register
Apr 19, 2017

Q: Why did you pick a name that means "water donkey" in Hungarian?

It has a bit of history behind it, because I was playing some other games. I had kind of high level before, and I wanted to hide from other members that were switching to League of Legends as well, so I remained a bit hidden because I just didn't want to communicate with them. So I chose a different name than I had before. And my brother suggested this one, and I was like, "okay, I will temporarily take it up and change later if I feel like it." But then I just got used to the name and I sticked with it. And I think it's good, even though it means "water donkey," it kind of means me. Like, because it doesn't really have any other meaning. So if we say Vizicsacsi, people just associates with me. So I think it's a good nickname.

Q: Why are you able to adapt to the changing meta so quickly?

I think I have had troubles with this earlier. And even now, there was, like, the Rumble, which I had trouble picking up. But I realized that nowadays, it's quite important to always have the meta champs in your bag, because it's a lot more frightening if you have meta champs and maybe some off-meta picks as well that you can counter with. So that's what I'm aiming for right now. And I feel more mechanical skill right now than, like, two years ago. I just feel like whatever champion comes out, I can pick it up. And I think that's mostly due to practice. I'm practicing a lot, and it's more efficient than it was before. So I think I'm quite decent at picking up new picks right now.

Q: How have the last three years been for the Unicorns?

It's been kind of a roller coaster. We started off great and then we had our ups and downs, but I think ever since Romain, our manager, joined, we have become way more steady. And even though we had a lot of member changes, I think we never really struggled integrating them into the team. Maybe last summer, at the beginning, was a bit problematic. We were losing in the first weeks, but over time, I feel like every member that we pick up will eventually show their potential, and I think that's because we have really good working environment and people are friendly toward each other. So I think our team is pretty fun to be in, and it's just good.

Q: How is UOL doing so well this split?

I think the new players that we picked up are extremely talented, and they're kind of rookies as well so they have a lot of room for improvement, and we are trying to help them adapt to the team and form some synergy together. And I think that that's what's going well right now, and we have a clear idea in our minds how we want to play or what we want to improve on. And our practice just became way more efficient this way. There is nobody that's, like, a disruptive force. Everyone is willing to take the criticism and improve on their own play. So I think that's the biggest change compared to previous splits, where we always had someone that kind of worked against the idea of the rest of the team and just didn't match together all the time. And I think it's way more matching right now, and people are really talented as well.

Q: Why does UOL have such an aura of positive energy?

I think it's about our attitude towards both the game and towards each other. Every time we pick up a new member or someone like that, we always say that we should doesn't hesitate opening up towards each other or saying our thoughts. Because if you have negative thoughts about something and you keep it for yourself, it will eventually show off and damage the team morale in the long run. So we encourage everyone to speak up and, if there's any problem, we try to solve it instantly. And this just creates a better working environment for everyone. And I think that's where this energy comes from as well. Although, if you have a bit crazy manager like Romain, there is no shortage of energy because when someone needs to be energetic, he can always be.

What does he, like, dress up in Unicorn stuff and get half naked in tights?

Yeah, dress up or throw his clothes off, rather. Whichever he chooses.

Q: A byproduct of this energy is fans, specifically the LoveHurtsCrew. Can you explain that?

I'm not entirely sure when they became, like, an official fan club or a fan club at all. I think it started around last spring that they started attending our matches and then, from what I heard from them, they started to really enjoy watching us, and then they formed kind of a fan club and started supporting us this way, which is very nice from them. I think having a fan club is quite unique, and it's really nice that you have people that are cheering for you even if you are behind or, like, when you have your ups and downs as well. So it's great to have them.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I think if we go for winning this split this time and try to get to MSI, because that's a great opportunity to get ahead of other teams and I have never been to Brazil, nor to MSI. So I would like to experience that once.

- - - - -

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