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Sneaky on stealing Contractz's Penta: "It was for the greater good."

By Sharon Coone
Apr 19, 2017

Q: Did you expect to win 3-0 against Phoenix1?

No, I don't know, I expected maybe like 3-1 or something for us, maybe 3-2 if it was really hard. But I don't know it was, it was just unsure, basically for this weekend because, I don't know, there's so much random hype about Arrow and how much he like controls the team, and it's like ‘hmm do I really have to care about that? Or do we just play our own game and we're fine’. Because the last time we faced Phoenix 1 in the split, I think I played Lucian twice and I just completely controlled him and he wasn't able to do anything. Whereas the first time we played against Phoenix1, I think he played like Jhin Janna and he was just like pushing me in all the time and he'd roam mid, kill Jensen, and he had a lot more control in those kinds of games. But when I was just like pressuring him and pushing him in, then he didn't really have any impact in the game.

Q: Contractz was talking about his second game Graves Quadra Kill, and he says you stole his Penta.

OK, if I didn't take Contractz's penta then I don't think we would have ended the game. Because that Rengar would have ran away. He would have searched for him, he'd have ran across the whole map to kill Rengar, just for the pentakill. So potentially, we could have lost if I didn't take that penta.

It was for the greater good.

It definitely was for the greater good. That happened to me a lot actually with Balls back in the day. Like I got a bunch of Quadras and Balls would always take the last one. You don't actually really care, it's like, you're trying to win the game but, still funny to poke at for sure.

Q: Did the Meteos entrance shake you up? Did you expect that?

I talked to Meteos a bit before. It was during the Riot like Sneaky and Meteos interview, and he was telling me that like, 'Yeah, you know, I'll play if they really need me. Like, they're down two games or something.’ And that's exactly what happened, so right after the game 2 win I was like, ‘Yeah, they're probably going to put in Meteos now, and Stunt’. So it was interesting, it didn't really shake us up or anything because we had played against him a decent amount and we kind of knew what to expect.

Q: Are you sick of the C9 vs. TSM finals?

I wouldn't say I'm sick of the C9 vs TSM finals or anything. It's just, we've been the best performing teams for pretty long times in this region. Like when we first came in, we smashed everyone, stomped TSM. It's like, wow, these guys are pretty good. So they had to step it up and then it just keeps making everyone step up. I think, last year when the Immortals came in they made everyone else step up. So I think it's a good thing that we're all pretty consistent.

What about C9 do you think makes it top-tier consistent?

I think a lot of it's just being able to improve and every week recognize like your problems and try and fix them and not have any like, bad attitudes within the team. Because I don't-- I don't think we've ever had a bad attitude in the team. So, just from that I feel like we've able to stay at the top because we're all just trying to work to be the best thing possible. And, I mean there's like always about a bunch of stories on the teams with like, someone just being like the toxic guy. And I think that always, even though they're a really good player, it always like hurts the environment more than helps it. Like, them being a good player is good but it probably brings down the rest of the team being toxic. I mean I don't know if there's anyone specifically, but you know it's just like the random stories you hear. So I just think that our team environment has just been really good over the past few years.

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