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Mikyx: "I know a lot of players that could be playing in LCS, but they type too much in chat"

By Mark Register
Apr 20, 2017

Q: Can you talk about your journey from being a solo queue player to subbing for FNATIC, to getting picked up by Splyce?

So at the start of Season 6, I was tryouting for FNATIC at the start. I was in Masters tier at the start when they asked me if I wanted to try out. And after the tryouts, I was... I didn't really talk much when we scrimmed. So I was just a mechanically good player. So they took me as a sub. And then after a while, after Spring Split, then I got an offer from Splyce because I played some dynamic queue with members of Splyce and then they thought I was good, so they picked me up with no tryouts or anything, so that was pretty good. And then just went from there, I guess.

So is it still a good decision on Splyce's part?


Q: What advice would you give to players who are trying to make it to the LCS through solo queue or Challenger?

I think you should just play a lot of solo queue and not type too much in chat. I know a lot of players that could be playing in LCS, but they type too much in chat, so that kind of ruins it for them, maybe. But yeah. Just don't have too much in chat and play good.

Q: You went to Worlds in your first year. What was that experience like?

It was just, like, unreal experience to play with all these players that I've been looking up to for a while. And then just playing against them onstage, like, Uzi and Mata, I was really impressed by how they play, and I was just mindblown the first time we got clobbered by them. So it was quite an unreal experience, honestly.

Q: How is the job of a Support different between solo queue and in a competitive LCS game?

I think it's different because, in the competitive, you have communication with your teammates, so you can coordinate with your jungler and your AD carry better to, like... with jungler, to go get vision with him and walk him to other lanes and stuff, get pressure. And you have communication with your AD so you can learn better. So that's mainly the difference, I think.

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