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Odoamne: "When carry meta pops off in the top-lane, it's way more entertaining than any other carry"

By Mark Register
Apr 20, 2017

Q: You've said that you're stuck in top. What position would you like to play?

If I would have to choose, I would still stick with top. I would stick with top, just because... eh, when tank meta kicks in, that's when it kind of gets kind of boring and dull, but when carry meta pops off in the top-lane, I think it's way more entertaining than any other carry. Because I think just playing carries in the top-lane is so much more fun that playing carries in the bottom lane or the mid-lane. It's just more satisfying for me. But if I would have to choose another role I would want to play, it would probably... maybe support, just cause I think I have a good sense of what I need to do. So I would just do fine in support, I guess, just... I would just need to like laning phase and stuff like that and matchups and all of that, but I think my map play would be pretty good on support.

Q: What did you think of H2K's roster when you first joined, and what do you think of it now?

Well when I first joined, it wasn't really--I couldn't really have any expectations, you know, because it was just like 5 solo queue people. It was like me, Fabian, Voidle, [?] and [?] at the time. So it was kind of my... my focus back then was just like, you know, just try to be a pro, you know? So that was kind of my first experience, just because, like... it was my best experience because it was like the most promising us that we would have. We were just five unknown top ten solo queue people. So it was really fun back then. Like, we were having so much fun just grinding the ladders and stuff. It was just really cool for us. But obviously now, this roster right now is like a thousand times better than back then, just because back then we were all kids. We didn't really know. We were just all playing solo queue together. That's how our team was. We were just playing solo queue together and just trying to win lanes and all of that. We didn't have any strategies or whatever. We just kind of playing for fun. But we were just really good at it, so it was just really fun. So we were just weren't as professional as now, you know?

Q: Which players on your team are currently evolving and improving?

Since I played with Jankos so much, I can't really say that he's evolving much anymore. He's kind of Mewtwo right now, so he's like... really hard for him to get any better. But Fabian is like a small Bulbasaur right now, and he's kind of spreading his leaves right now and just becoming a... wait, what was his name. That big leaf guy, frog, turtle, whatever. I don't know the name of it anymore, but he was like badass. Fabian is evolving a lot. And our Koreans are like Digletts right now, and they kind of like... soon they will kind of merge together and become like... what was his name? Triglett. Triglett? I think it was Triglett. So they're just going to fuse and become like way better than now. So I guess that's what's going on right now.

Q: What are you working on improving right now?

That's a tough one. I think mostly just practicing better, just kind of not letting random emotions cloud my judgment in practice, just so I can get the best practice I can get. And outside of that, gameplay-wise, maybe trying to get my champion pool bigger and trying to find more tricks that are not in the meta right now, and just constantly improving on all the matchups with other. It's really hard to say. It's kind of like, you can't really pinpoint what's getting better, but I'm trying to, I guess.

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