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Sjokz talks the uniqueness of the EU LCS broadcast, bittersweet EU storylines, and fan appreciation

By Mark Register
Apr 21, 2017

Q: What's unique about the EU LCS broadcast, compared to other regions?

I would say something that is unique about the EU LCS broadcast that I've always thought was very important is kind of the involvement of players in the broadcast itself outside of playing, like, a very heavy involvement in long interviews and sitting on the analyst desk and analyzing the games, and just leveraging what they have. And it works well for them because it's good for building their brand, and it's great for us because people would--although, of course, they love their Deficios and their Quickshots of the world, they would much rather listen to a pro player who is informative and has something to say and who they can learn from. And I think the fact that we've continuously leveraged those players is something that's unique to us.

Q: What's your favorite EU team or player storyline?

Ooh, that's an interesting one. It'd have to be a bit... yeah, there's a there's a bunch of bittersweet ones because I feel like we had a lot of good players--like, the oldschool mid-laners like Froggen, who we had recently visiting us, who went to America. And we kind of lost that strength when we had a big history of strong EU mid-laners. We have the story of Peke, which I think is a fantastic story, who has done so well and now sadly--I said bittersweet--is not doing too well with his team. I love the Unicorns of Love, just their story. Today I was in the studio, and their fans are just so incredibly passionate. I think pink is also a good color to make things happen with, but everyone's dressed up like unicorns and have made these costumes, and they're incredibly passionate. And even though some people are annoyed by "UNICORNS!" guy, I still think it's a cool thing that there's so much fan presence with it, and I think it would be a great storyline if now that they're in their best split, that they've ever played, if they were champions or if they... I think that would be majestic if that happened. Yeah, no bias.

Q: What do you have coming up that you're excited about?

Brazil. I am so, so, so excited for going to Brazil for MSI. And the structure that it is now, I do the analyst desk the normal year, so to say, in EU LCS, and then for international events, I switch to the player interviews. And I love those moments because--woah, good things happening--because they're very energetic and unique, and it's people you don't get to talk to often and just a setting of being in Brazil and, knowing from catching some of the CBLOL broadcast, like the crowd is insane. They have an incredible passion for League of Legends and just, yeah, I've never been there. I want to discover Brazil. I want to see how the fans are. I just want to feel the energy. I've been excited for so long and, of course, we couldn't announce it for a bit, so I was like, "Oh man, I wanna tell people, I wanna tell people." Yeah.

Q: Why are you so generously open and honest on social media?

Being generously open and honest on social media... that's how I am as a person, so I think that reflects. But I think what people sometimes have to realize is that, yes, I am very open on Twitter and on other forms of social media because I do want to have a good connection with the people that know me and that follow me for a reason. But there is still a lot that I won't discuss and that I don't wish to discuss, and that it's a very conscious wall. I know how far I go, and I know how far I share. But there is--and I have to say that sometimes I transgress and sometimes I'm like, "Oh dear, that was oversharing. Why did I do that?" But I'm learning along the way. But it's definitely--by being in this business for so long and how important branding is as well, sometimes I spend a bit too much time on social media. So yeah.

Q: How have your fans given back to you?

Because I've been open, I think the fans have also been very open towards me, and I get a lot of love. And sadly, as much as in the public eye, even though you get a lot of love, you tend to focus on the negative, which you actually shouldn't, because most of it is worthless, you know. Most of it is worthless. There is, of course, always valuable feedback, but you really have to weed through. But I think I've been very blessed in that I've always been very personally approached by fans also at events and stuff like that, who've taken the time personally to talk to me and thank me for my work and thank me for the things I've done. And then I thank them back. So that's definitely heartwarming.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to talk about?

I think people already know that I don't sleep very well. And that is pinned on my Twitter for a reason because I used to get so many remarks about it. And it does annoy me when people go, "Wow, you look tired." It's like, I know it's coming from a place of care, but it's still a bit sometimes like, "Ugh, shit, man." Ooh sorry, like, "Ugh, damn." But it's something that I've been struggling with for so, so long. And I think people know that right now, I have had insomnia since I was three, four years old and night terrors. So it's definitely something that I live with, and I appreciate when people say, "Hey, have you tried this or that or this?" But I've probably tried it, so... for everyone that is struggling with it as well, I, you know, want to give them a big hug and say it's all going to be all right. Because once a week comes that night of full sleep that you're like, "Yes, nine hours! I can--WOOO--I can do everything today!" But yeah.

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